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Do dogs really make you look more attractive to a potential mate? This Cesar’s Way article cites an American Kennel Club survey that confirms this notion.It found that “46 percent of women said they’d stop and talk to anyone with a cute puppy,” and “58 percent of men said a puppy was a foolproof babe magnet.”Sexist language aside, just because a pet helps you to attract a mate, it doesn’t mean that your dog or cat will actually the mate once you start dating.In fact, as a pet parent, you’re going to have an added layer to deal with in the “getting to know you” phase of dating someone new.Things can get even more complicated if your relationship progresses to the point where you think about moving in together. In time for Valentine’s Day, I’ve rounded up advice from a handful of pet experts, animal behaviorists and veterinarians on the best way to handle dating, new relationships and more when you’re a pet parent. Let’s say you get to the point in dating that you want to introduce him or her to your dog, cat or other pet. For starters, even if you’re a nervous wreck, try to stay calm.

Let them come over as they are comfortable,” advises Nicole Ellis, a celebrity dog trainer and lifestyle pet expert on the Rover Dog People Panel.“If they are nervous, have your date calmly call their name.Your dog may be interested that this new person knows who they are.By creating a positive experience through speaking calmly, calling the dog over, and presenting treats or toys, your dog and your date will be bonding in no time.”When it comes to cats, ignoring your feline is a good strategy.That is, when your date comes over, keep your cat confined in a separate room.Then once everything has settled down, says Jackson, “let your cat wander at their leisure.”Like with dogs, let the cat approach your date and sniff them on their own terms.

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