What year did miranda lambert and blake shelton start dating the online dating club

While it may take a few tries to catch all of the lyrics, I think one line really sums it all up.“In olden days a glimpse of stocking was looked on as something shocking, now God knows, anything goes.” Pop stars routinely hit the stage in costumes that would get them arrested in the street on Halloween.Taking it all off for Playboy is considered a wise career move and sex tapes or naked cell phone pictures barely raise an eyebrow.In all of this delicious depravity, is it really all that surprising that many folks in Hollywood get themselves wrapped up in cheating scandals?Let’s take a look back at some of the sleaziest cheating scandals Hollywood has ever seen. Well, I suppose no one really knows aside from Brad and Angelina.

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She recently reunited with and separated from Jude.

I want Sienna to find happiness because I do genuinely love this girl.

Perhaps the first step in the process is to start looking at men that aren’t already attached.

Jude once again proves, he’s the picture perfect boyfriend/husband by admitting to a month long affair with his nanny, Daisy Wright. A moment ago I said Brad and Angelina handled their possibly infidelity with class and mentioned things could’ve been worse. The whole Le Ann and Eddie mess serves as a perfect example of how not to cheat on your spouse if you want people to continue liking you.

Of course he didn’t fess up because it was the right thing to do or because a guilty conscience compelled him to. After first denying an affair and embarking on separate photo ops with their respective spouses, Le Ann and Eddie left their partners and began flaunting their new relationship everywhere they could.

No, he came clean because Daisy took the story to the tabloids. He could’ve lied but chose instead to tell the truth. These days, a guy leaving his wife for another woman isn’t really all that shocking. This story was a bit different because when Billy left his girlfriend of seven years, the lovely Mary-Louise Parker, for Daines, Mary-Louise was seven months pregnant with his child. Karma caught up with Billy a short time later, however, when Claire cheated on him with co-star Hugh Dancy.

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