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Millions of people around the world could get access to safe water in their homes with the help of small, affordable loans. We are here to bring safe water and sanitation to the world through access to small, affordable loans.There is both a need and demand for these loans, because when people have access to safe water, they get time back to go to school, earn an income and take care of their family. For more than 25 years, with your help, we've been providing families with hope, health and the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty.One of the major barriers to safe water and sanitation is affordable financing.We address this barrier head-on through access to small, easily repayable loans.Every repaid loan creates a new opportunity for another family.By supporting, you are part of a solution that reaches more people. So far, we have reached more than ten million people - and there are millions more whom you can impact today.Anisa lives in Indonesia, and at 13 years old, is the oldest of three. Without safe water or a toilet at home, Anisa spent time gathering water, often prioritizing this over schoolwork.Thanks to, Anisa and her family got access to a small, affordable loan that would allow them to take charge of their own water and sanitation needs through a safe water tap and a sanitary latrine at home.

A common goal to pioneer smart solutions to the water crisis brought them together, and their combined water and sanitation expertise and star-power have allowed to emerge as a leader in the water and sanitation sector.

For whatever reason tons of easily angered social media-using cretins have flocked to demand outright justice for Brad's newly fired wife.

For the meanwhile though, let's enjoy the incessant, and endless procession of solid trollworthy jabs.

A hands-on look at how masks and transitions work in Open Shot Video Editor!

Masks are used in video editing to hide (or erase) parts of a video.

Similar to a green-screen/chroma key effect, but far mo... Last year was an amazing year for Open Shot, with huge stability and performance improvements, a new interactive transform tool, improvements to animation & key-frames, a new website (t...

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