Validating addresses php


This PHP function checks if an email address is valid.By default it will only do syntax checking with a regex, but it can also be configured to do a MX record check.I have expanded the function so that it can also be configured to verify the address via an SMTP probe.It will give an error in these situations: This function makes connections to remote SMTP servers.This means that outgoing TCP network connections to port 25 must be possible.If this is not the case, then the script will not work.Some hosting providers block exactly these network connections because they are also used by spammers.When you always get “None of the mailservers listed for $domain could be contacted”, no matter what address you fill in, this is usually a good indication that port 25 is blocked.

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Using this function on a server might cause it’s IP address(es) to get blacklisted.This can be a problem if the server is also a mail server.So don’t use it on a server that runs mail in a production environment. There are three common tasks related to storing mac address in the database as char(12) (it is feasible to use bigint instead but in our case we opted for a text type). In our case user is allowed to enter mac address the way s/he wants: 000CF15698AD 00:0C: F: AD 00-0C-F1-56-98-AD So the perfect solution would be to apply regular expression like this one: /([a-f A-F0-9][:|\-]?trait which provides a convenient method to validate incoming HTTP request with a variety of powerful validation rules.

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