Updating xml nodes c

What is the most efficient way to modify XML values?

To allow for precise modification of XML nodes and values, the XQuery XML query language employs an extension known as the XML Data Modification Language (DML).

Let's populate the Accounting node with a new Employee node, which should include node attributes (ID, tier): Going back for a moment to the subject of singletons; if we had used '[2]' as the singleton designation, the new Employee node would have been placed in the bottom Accounting node.What if we needed to insert a new node into a specific Employee node in the Marketing department?We can identify the correct employee by their ID attribute, using the @ID' argument: The Projects node has been inserted into the Employee node having ID #2.We can also insert any collection of nested nodes and values.If we want to designate a new project for employee ID #2, we can do the following: The newest employee now needs salary data.Employee #4 is at tier 4, like employee #1, and should be at the same salary range as employee #1.

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