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More and more academics are using services like and researchgate as personal repositories.This is in part a way of ensuring your research gets wide exposure (and hence is more available for citation).But it is also part of an increasing sense among academics that one “ought” to put off-prints and pre-prints of research “out there” for others to find.This is being encouraged by Open Access mandates that encourage or require researchers to post copies of their work (i.e.so-called “Green Open Access”), either in last manuscript version or as soon as the embargo period is over at the journal of record.

Here’s a list of 12 references (excluding conference […] A problem I’ve had lately has been how to find and replace text in multiple files from the command line.

Since I keep googling the answer, here’s a post to remind me.

It is based on this page: https://superuser.com/questions/428493/how-can-i-do-a-recursive-find-and-replace-from-the-command-line I have a strange problem in the gnew gnome windows manager that ships with Ubuntu 17.10: on my three-monitor desktop, application windows occasionally open off screen. in the following screen shot, they open partially or entirely in the space marked “invisible window” to the left or right of the tall window.

To make matters worse, applications that open like this do it is a novel about World War II by Canadian author James Benson Nablo.

The basic plot is that Joey Mack, a not-quite-so-young canadian soldier is reflecting on his life while lying wounded in Italy.

His life runs from rum-running in the 1920s through mining, the depression, and then the war.

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