Updating pro tools

After the first year, you will be prompted to purchase an optional upgrade plan if you wish to install further updates.

You are not required to purchase an upgrade plan, and you can keep your current version for life.

Pro Tools updates can usually be found in the Avid Application Manager.

If you have already installed Pro Tools, you can Spotlight Search (⌘ Space) for "Avid Application Manager" to open it, then check the Apps tab for your update.

There is a rare chance that the "Wave Cache" file within the session folder has become corrupt during any one or combination of Elastic Audio, Clip Gain, or Audio Suite processing whereby the waveform of the clip cannot be established from the live processing of the CPU and has become corrupted.

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Avid's support team does monitor the forums so you should receive an answer at some point after posting.)Chatrooms: • gotomeet.me/Audio Tech - For technical questions or issues (i.e.Pro Tools, Logic, installation, troubleshooting, etc.)• gotomeet.me/Audio Music Help Line - For music theory questions or issues (i.e.help with composition, reading music, etc.) If your i Lok is lost, stolen, or broken...don't panic.i Lok and Avid have a specific process in place for you to report your i Lok, purchase a replacement i Lok, and replace any of your licenses that were on it.As part of the process, you will be asked to report the incident by submitting a return merchandise authorization (RMA) to i Lok.You will then need to submit a support case to Avid to replace your license(s).

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