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Whereas Astrid has enough to make up the difference. I haven't completely moved in, but I pretty much only go back to my own place when I need to get some different clothes.

She doesn't bother with a bra most of the time since even A-cups are too big.

She does it faster than I can, despite being blind.

Soon there is a pile of T-shirts, a pile of bras and panties, some pants and jeans on hangers, and a few blouses, also on hangers.

Then she makes a couple of trips to her room and puts everything away.

Every night we have the question of where I'm going to sleep.

We never planned it, but during the week, when we are all working, I alternate.

Mondays and Wednesday, I am in Sophia's bed, pleasing a little redhead with no tits. If you want to see the rest, you can join the Fan Club.

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