Target woman online dating


Lonely hearts still waiting for their soulmate are easy prey for online dating scams.Many people search for love through online dating sites, dating apps, or social media.Unfortunately, before you find your prince (or princess), you have to eliminate the frogs."Romance" scammers, sometimes referred to as "sweetheart" scammers take advantage of vulnerable people, especially divorced women over 40, by posing as an eligible romantic prospect. Scammers may use a fake name or steal the identity of a real person.

They use words filled with love, share personal information, and sometimes even send their victims small gifts.Once trust is established, the scammer will push to take the communications to email or an instant messenger service.The new online lover will soon have a problem which requires money to fix.It could be a personal emergency like a family member who needs immediate medical attention, or some kind of financial hardship like a failed business or street mugging.While declaring their love and devotion for the victim continually, the scammer may directly ask for money to be wired to them, send a check or money order and ask their sweetheart to cash it for them, or send a package and ask it to be reshipped to a different address.The Federal Trade Commission warns that scammers are now upping the ante and engaging in online bank fraud.

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