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Valeria Lukyanova, the platinum blond beauty with a stunning hourglass body shape who is known to the world as a Living Barbie, told Sputnik about some intricacies of “living in a Barbie world” and shared her beauty secrets.

— For almost 60 years, Barbie has been a beauty icon and inspiration for millions of women of all ages and from different parts of the world.

Some ladies make all-out efforts in attempts to look like the famous doll. the Human Barbie, who shook the world with her impressive resemblance to the doll a few years ago, this nickname "stuck" to her by accident.

However, she doesn't quite appreciate being labeled the Human Barbie. Actually, the space image, along with the images of the Atlant girl and the warrior-Amazon are the closest ones to me.To fit the last one, I build my muscles in the gym every day.But people persistently compare me with Barbie, even though I'm too muscle-bound for a doll," Valeria said.Probably, that is why her beloved one is none of the sweet Kens: "He looks like a Viking and I'm like the Amazon, especially in the swimsuit.Those are the heroes who are pretty much cooler than scrawny and waif-like Barbie," she added with a smile.Valeria has found a great supporter in her masculine partner: "He tells me that I have appearance of an elven princess or a mystical fairy, and he considers my image beyond time and epoch." Despite her crazy popularity and a whole legion of fans on social media, Valeria's personality is still wrapped in a shroud of mystery.

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