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'cause now she's hooked up with a self-made multi-millionaire, yacht-owning, jet-owning entrepreneur -- who happens to have a hot bod to match hers.

Paris showered on a yacht off the coast of Spain and then made out with Thomas Gross.

The couple had just finished jet-skiing, so what the hell else was left to do but suck face?

Sources tell us they met in Cannes a few weeks ago, and they've been inseparable ever since -- jet-setting to Cabo, Zurich, and Ibiza ... P's about to start her summer DJ residency there, which she's been doing for the past couple of summers, and we're told she'll be staying at his pad.

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in New York City, where the duo checked out some serious bling.

"They shopped for engagement rings," the source says. Paris was making comments to Cy about the rings she liked and joking that her ring has to be at least 24 carats." There was no engagement ring on this trip, but Hilton did not leave empty-handed. News that the two are "really serious" and that "I'm so happy.

Girlfriend left with a ,000 white gold and black diamond ring.

Depending on whom you’re speaking with about Los Angeles, you may either get your ear talked off about the transcendence of poke bowls or the fuckedupedness of income equality, sometimes both in the same sentence.

When considering LA, or any place, one must take the good with the bad. 2018 is FLYING by and for those of us that work nine-to-fives, sometimes it feels like the weekend isn’t even long enough to catch your breath.

We miss the carefree days of the Olson twins, K Fed and Brittney, and Lindsey Lohan.

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