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Our Faculty comprise Rhodes, Gates, Marshall and Fulbright Scholars, and top academics from local universities, from Oxford, Cambridge, St Andrews, the Sorbonne, Pompeu Fabra, Harvard, Columbia, and other top institutions, as well as creative professionals and performers – all of them chosen for their qualifications and experience, and especially for their love of teaching young people. Dilaver holds a Ph D in reproductive physiology from St George's, University of London.You can read all of their biographies on this page. He is currently completing a medical doctorate at Swansea University Medical School.He has extensive experience as a teacher at the University of London, where he has worked as a demonstrator, a problem-based learning tutor, and an international tutor. Dilaver is widely-published, and most recently contributed a co-authored chapter to Lubna Pal's book, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: Current and Emerging Concepts.

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She has been published in a variety of literary journals.Her essays have featured in "Punchnel's," "Vegan Life" magazine, and "The Oxford Medical School Gazette." Julie is also an experienced pedagogue.She is the writer-in-residence at Cheney School in Oxford for First Story, and teaches undergraduate writing courses at St.Clare's College with a special focus on dystopia, fantasy, and travel.BA, MRes University of Portsmouth Siân a researcher at the University of Oxford Internet Institute, where she is a Clarendon, Emden Doctorow, and ESCR Scholar.Her research is on identity and exclusion in hacking and creative programming cultures.

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