Ole schell and sara ziff still dating


w styles and techniques as a way to share his vision with other adventure lovers.His images capture the real world and give it some new forms.His hour long travelogues have been shown around the world.They have allowed a large public to better understand cultures and ways of living and to discover a world different from the picture postcards and preconceived notions we sometimes carry around, but which reflects the geographical, economical and human realities., also known as Slas, is a talented director living in Guadeloupe.SLAS is known to the Antillean community through his numerous video clips of emerging artists.His open perspective on the contemporary world has been profoundly rooted in Caribbean Creole culture.He is a founding member, since June 2004, of CNOUMENM, a collective of media and creative professionals engaged in building an alternative view of the audio-visual landscape in the Caribbean.

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Raphaël is still living, and at 84, he’s the same age as my father would have been had he survived cancer.14 years after my father’s death I decided to meet the man whose friendship gave me my name….” is a personal journey as filmmaker Bruce Paddington discovers a fundamental group of over 7000 Mennonites living in Belize.They live in small rural communities, speak German, refrain from drinking alcohol or smoking, do not watch television and mainly drive a horse and buggy.They are distinctively dressed with their striped shirts, dark trousers with suspenders and white straw hats.Some of the more conservative groups refuse to use modern technology or to be photographed while others are some of the most prosperous and productive persons in Belize.is a Lecturer in Educational Technology and Film Studies at the University of the West Indies (UWI), Trinidad.

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