Marriage and dating customs in guatamala

The dominance of an Indian culture within its interior uplands distinguishes Guatemala from its Central American neighbours.

The origin of the name Guatemala is Indian, but its derivation and meaning are undetermined.

Yucatán Peninsula, a limestone platform shared with Mexico and Belize.Sandwiched between the volcanic landscape and the Petén are the high mountain ranges and valleys.These arc gently eastward from Mexico for a distance of 210 miles (340 km), extending into northern Honduras.The volcanic region of Guatemala consists of three elements: a row of volcanoes of geologically recent origin, flanked by a deeply eroded volcanic tableland of older origin to the north and the narrow coastal plain constructed of volcanic debris on the Pacific slope.The alignment of volcanic cones begins with the Tacaná Volcano (13,428 feet [4,093 metres]), located on the frontier with Mexico, and continues eastward across Guatemala into El Salvador.Among these are three continuously active volcanoes: the growing summit of Santiaguito (8,202 feet [2,500 metres]) located on the southern flanks of Santa María (12,375 feet [3,772 metres]); Fuego (12,582 feet [3,835 metres]); and Pacaya (8,371 feet [2,552 metres]).

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