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False hope is almost always built around fantasies and wishful thinking. Hands up, who’s guilty of saying and feeling these things? But there are definitely hidden dangers of false hope in dating. Well, here are a few that I’ve encountered personally and through my readers’ experiences: But wait a minute, you say, isn’t an ideal relationship one where everything you have inside is invested into that other person?

We want something so bad that we hold on to every little inch of whatever we’re given, hoping to give it more meaning than is there.

Why do we hold on to false hope in dating when we could be out there finding something better? That is why I wanted to discuss the hidden dangers of false hope in dating with you. Listen, you’re not alone, like I said I’ve been there on more than one occasion. Well, sure it’s part of it, but, only if it’s reciprocated.

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To make things worse, ‘hope’, ‘expect’, and ‘look forward to’ have very different and distinct meanings in English. Most common mistake: By far the most common mistake that is made with these words is using ‘expect’ to mean ‘look forward to’. I don’t to do well on the exam because I studied hard.People often say “I’m really expecting your birthday party.” To an English speaker that sounds like, “I’m almost certain you will have a birthday party.” Here are some other examples of how not to use ‘expect’: 1. (You should say, I’m looking forward to seeing your baby.) 2. (You should say, I’m looking forward to my vacation next week.) 3. (You should say, I’m looking forward to working with you.) Example: “Canada is playing England tonight. England is usually a stronger team, though, so I expect they will win the game.Whoever wins, I’m really looking forward to watching the game!” Hannah Yoon Hannah is a Pedagogy & Curriculum Associate and a graduate student at Teachers College, Columbia University pursuing a Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics.She loves learning new languages and other different cultures, which led her to study Second Language Acquisition and Sociolinguistics.

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