Is rfk jr still dating cheryl hines

In spite of rumors of infidelity Cheryl Hines was still standing by her man, Robert F.Kennedy on the fourth of July, leading some to speculate that they have already worked through their issues.Instead it turns out that Hines has been well aware of Bobby’s other women and simply doesn’t care as long as he intends to marry her.According to the July 14th print edition of the National Enquirer his mistress of two years, Chelsea Kirwan claims that there’s no way a marriage between the couple will last.Apparently they intend to have a bi-coastal marriage and Bobby has already more than proven that he can’t stay loyal.Kirwan claims that on more than one occasion she has vacationed at the Kennedy compound in Hyannis Port- while Bobby was dating Hines.She claims that Hines is just focused on becoming a Kennedy and that goal is allowing her to turn a blind eye to the sort of relationship that she’s really in.Perhaps she hasn’t paid close enough attention to how miserable Bobby’s previous wives’ have ended up.

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Do you think that she’s right about Hines and her motives or is Kirwan sounding like sour grapes because she has been left in the dust?

A new book about Robert Kennedy Jr has taken him to task over his womanizing ways and questions why Cheryl Hines would have ever taken up with the serial cheater.

Author Jerry Oppenheimer rips bare RFK Jr in the biography ‘RFK Jr and the Dark Side of the Dream’ – including anecdotes about the notorious Kennedy’s heroin abuse, his chronic cheating, and the suicide of his wife Mary Kennedy while RFK was busy romancing Cheryl Hines who is now wife #3.

According to GLOBE, a friend of the Kennedy clan quoted in Oppenheimer’s RFK biography said, “Any woman who gets involved with Bobby does so with her eyes open or their brains lopped off.

Any woman who thinks they’re going to change Bobby is misguided and purposefully ignorant.” Certainly his last wife Mary Kennedy found out the hard way – she was reportedly so despondent over a custody battle with RFK and his dating Cheryl Hines that she hung herself in a barn on the couple’s estate.

Both Robert Kennedy Jr and Cheryl Hines insist that he had split from Mary Kennedy prior to them starting their relationship but, given his track record of flagrant infidelity, that’s a big question mark.

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