Is jessica origliasso dating billy corgan yamapi dating abiru yuu

Billy Corgan, from the American band The Smashing Pumpkins, arrives with his new girlfriend Jessica Origliasso, from the Australian band The Veronica's, at the Trademark Hotel in Kings Cross.Jessica's sister and fellow The Veronica's member, Lisa Origliasso, was also spotted with the new couple.

(sic)''Jessica responded to one nasty comment by writing: ''This is real life.Not some accessory for you to play with and twist around.You know nothing.''Billy - who met Jessica when they had a songwriting session in 2010 - recently admitted he found it difficult dating her because of her Bond with Twin Sister and Veronicas bandmate Lisa.When asked by Australia's Triple M radio if he was ready to marry he said: ''Listen, you gotta take it up with the twins...When you have a relationship with the twin, you have to deal with the other twin and then you've got to deal with the twin you're with.''The funny thing is they're both such different people but kind of ...

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