Intimidating words that start with s

These examples of adjectives may be especially helpful for those in school or in college perhaps taking online classes toward a degree, or in another program looking for adjectives starting with s, and s adjectives.

small, smaller, smallest, smallish, smart, smarter, smelly, smiling, smoggy, smoky, smooth, smoother, smoothest, smug.

snappy, snazzy, sneaky, snippy, snobbish, snotty, snowy, snug.

soapy, sober, socal, sociable, social, socialist, socialistic, societal, socioeconomic, sociological, sodden, soft, softer, softest, soggy, soignee, solar, soldierly, sole, solemn, solicitous, solid, solitary, soluble, somatic, somber, sombre, somnolent, songful, sonic, sonorous, sophisticated, sophoclean, sopping, sordid, sore, sorest, sorrel, sorriest, sorry, soulful, sound, sounder, sounding, soundproof, sour, south, southbound, southeast, southeastern, southern, southward, southwestern, sovereign, soviet.

spacious, spanish, spare, sparkling, sparse, spatial, spavined, special, specific, specified, specious, spectacular, spectral, spectrometric, spectrophotometric, speculative, speechless, speedy, spencerian, spenglerian, spherical, spic, spicy, spidery, spiffy, spiky, spineless, spirited, spiritual, spiteful, splashy, splendid, splenetic, splintery, spongy, spontaneous, spooky, sporadic, sportiest, sporting, spotless, spotted, spotty, sprightly, spurious.

squalid, square, squashy, squat, squeaky, squealing, squeamish.

stable, staggering, stagnant, stainless, staking, stale, stalwart, staminate, stanch, stanchest, standard, standby, standing, starboard, starchy, stark, startling, stateless, stately, statesmanlike, statewide, static, stationary, statistical, statuesque, statutory, staunch, staunchest, steadfast, steadier, steady, steely, steep, steeper, steepest, stellar, stepwise, stereo, stereophonic, stereotyped, sterile, sterling, stern, sternal, sticky, stiff, stiffer, still, stilted, stimulating, stimulatory, stingy, stirling, stirring, stochastic, stocky, stodgy, stolid, stony, storied, stormbound, stormy, stout, straight, straightforward, strange, strangest, strapping, strategic, stray, strenuous, stressful, strict, strictest, striking, stringy, striped, strong, stronger, strongest, structural, stubborn, stubby, stuck, studious, stuffy, stumpy, stunning, stupendous, stupid, stupidest, sturdy, stylish, stylistic.

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