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A shout is a multipurpose action that both players and AI teammates can perform.It is done by pressing the Interact button (F by default) on the PC, R2 on the PS3 and RB on the Xbox 360.It is used for: In order to intimidate a law enforcer, you must shout at him three times.In PAYDAY: The Heist, the first shout will make him put his hands up and drop his weapon, the second will make him kneel, and the third will make him handcuff himself, while in PAYDAY 2, a target will raise his hands on the first shout, drop his gun on the second, and kneel and cuff himself on the third.In stealth, one shout performs all of these actions, however.A target will only surrender if he became alerted very recently (only works in stealth), or he is wounded or in the middle of an action (such as reloading), or any combination of the mentioned.

Unlike shouting at guards, however, the specific shouts related to Inspire can only be used in live combat and not during stealth.Was wondering if anyone knows a way (Macro) to trick intimidating shout to work as an aoe fear like psychic scream?It could be quite nifty for cc like focus-intercept/charge to a caster casting to stop his cast and then do fear onto him without actually targetting him in order to stop him from casting for around 7 secs total (Assuming you are dps'ing his alli and not him).I was adviced something along the lines of this elsewhere: /targetnearesttarget /cast intimidating shout /targetlasttarget I wonder though, if u can use targetnearesttarget like this?: /cast [target=nearesttarget] intimidating shout or is this only for specific player names/creature names?1st macro requires target swaps quickly, 2nd macro doesn't and therefore 2nd would be optimal, if there is any way to get "nearesttarget" into it?

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