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Our Online Dating Dictionary DTE: “Down to earth.” DTR or LTR: “Define the relationship” or “Label the relationship.” Exclusive: Indicates relationship status where neither party is dating other people. FWB and NSA: “Friends with benefits” and “No strings attached,” ways of signaling a desire for a casual physical relationship without a commitment. Meet up for coffee: A short, informal date, often during the daytime.

Netflix and chill: An invitation to watch Netflix together, which has become slang for coming over to have sex.

No hookups: Hooking up is slang for any kind of casual sexual behavior, from kissing to intercourse, so “no hookups” indicates someone looking for a serious relationship.

Official and FBO: “Official” is when two people are publicly dating; “FBO” stands for “Facebook official,” i.e., when the relationship status on one’s Facebook account has been changed to reflect that a person is no longer single.

Sexting: Where sex meets texting; sending someone sexually explicit messages or photos.

Tinderella: A twist on Cinderella; popular with male Tinder users to describe the perfect match.

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