Hot dating women


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A female teacher banging her male students is just another day @ the office.

The (dating) culture in the islands is that where adult women generally engage in sexual relationships with teenage boys around the ages of 15-17.

So this reader’s question is coming from a viewpoint of adult women who engage in sexual relationships with guys under the age of 18 [which as I said, is common practice in the Caribbean islands]. I’m trying to get this over in my head, now here’s the scenario: a grown woman has no problem in dating a school boy yet alone give him the pussy on a regular but she wouldn’t give a grown man whether in his prime or not any pussy yet alone date because he has no job. Same thing with a teen boy who’s still in school [thus not financial stable neither].

Now I know as a grown man its responsible enough to have a job or at least be looking or hustling; but whats the difference really and truly? Even though he can’t do shit much for a grown woman [financially and sexually], that doesn’t matter to some women.

They are still giving up the pussy without any benefits at all……and apart from sex, there is no benefit at all that they would gain from a teenager; so why can’t that same principle apply to a man”. So there are 2 reasons also (why grown women would date guys who are still going to school): 1.) She wants to sample fresh meat [just as most guys are gungho on fucking virgins]. Every girl has built into her, a motherly/maternal instinct where she wants to baby, nurture and dominate the man.

Attempting to dominate a grown man [let’s say one who is older than she is] would be very challenging, so she hooks up with a very young guy where she can have a bit of control and to play that motherly/nurturing role, which she cannot really pull off with a grown man who’s already seasoned in the world of dating and mating.

But it always come back to bite them in the ass since the school boy doesn’t stick around or can’t do shit for her since he doesn’t work nor have income.

And some women may simply have a fetish for younger men or teenagers who are still going to school.

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