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Caitlin from Washington really likes Hans Matheson. When I arrive, the Czech capital is overrun by film crews. Safe to say that Caitlin and Gry will soon have rather a lot of competition. ''He's a real sweetie,'' Holly and Natalie the PRs tell me before I meet him on the Zhivago set in Prague. Later this month Matheson can be seen in the title role of Granada's adaptation of Boris Pasternak's epic novel Dr Zhivago.

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Outside at the back is the bakery where, according to my guide, the Russian Revolution begins and downstairs there's a vaulted cellar that's doubling as a Russian Orthodox church, complete with some rather pretty Byzantine icons freshly painted on the walls (Lara, played by teenager Keira Knightley, is scheduled to get married to Sam Neill here in three days' time). He's not got any scenes today but he's on stand-by just in case and so meets me in full costume - early twentieth century Russian peasant chic.

As we sit down to speak a little French boy from the next table decides he has to play around our feet.

Matheson keeps breaking off from talking to me to talk to the kid. It's true he's no giant, but there's those high cheekbones, the greeny-blue depths of his eyes, the almost black hair that falls across his face. His co-star Knightley has said Matheson has ''a truly poetic soul'', which sounds like luvvie gush, but, fact is, he does fulfil the requirements of the romantic hero to a T.

It's soon clear why Caitlin and Gry should be so enamoured, though he himself is a bit bemused by their interest. He's the stuff of every sensitive teenage girl's dreams. This is a man who tells me he likes ''a storm and a wild night'', who never travels without his guitar, and who loves to write and play his own songs.

And ladies, he is still looking for a ''soulmate'' to share his life with.

He talks passionately about Pasternak's novel (his second-hand copy goes everywhere with him: ''It's like a little bible,'' he says) and about his role.

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