Gabi chatbot

This is a pandoras bot script similar to the tcl version, with a few more selections/controls.

To turn on the bot, right click the channel window you want it to talk in, Click "Select bot for #Chan", select one of the bots from the list, click ON and click accept.

Once the script is turned on the bot is activated by calling it's Nick Name(Irc Name).

; Pandora's talking Bot Script by Ford_Lawnmower -- irc.

Geek #Script-Help On *: Text:*:#: On *: Action:$(* $ $me $ *):#: On *: Sockopen: Pandora*: On *: Sockread: Pandora*: On *: Sockwrite: Pandora*: On *: Start: On *: Exit: menu nicklist ; Testing focus on join on *:join:#: menu channel dialog -l Bot Select On *:dialog: Bot Select*: Sclick:9: On *:dialog: Bot Select*:init:*: On *: Text:.focus *:?

As people continue to wonder why there aren't any good bots, the team at Insurify got nominated for a Webby for their work.

Here's why team thinks their bot is hot: Drivers that switch car insurance save 8/yr on average (JD Powers).

The problem is that switching and comparing is painful (88% of drivers think it's confusing and time consuming).

With Insurify, drivers can compare real insurance prices from companies including Progressive, Liberty Mutual, Metlife in about 2 minutes.

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