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Sometimes it can be tempting to just ghost a f*ck buddy, especially if they’re not part of your inner social circle. There are other ways to end your friends with benefits relationship that show you respect them and the little fling you had. If you’re breaking up with your FWB because you met someone else, and you need to start streamlining your operations, breaking up properly leaves the door open to hanging out with them again one day.

(If, of course, you don’t end up living happily ever after with your new boo, which we’re totally sure you will.) Maybe you’re catching feelings and need some time to evaluate whether it’s real or just your post-sex oxytocin.

You wouldn’t be the first one to succumb to the “the cuddle hormone” effect with a f*ck buddy. Ghosting is not the nicest thing in the world, but some solely sexual relationships deserve it.

Or maybe you’re moving to another part of the city and just don’t think the sex is worth the commute (extremely fair). Is FWB more out of convenience than actual pleasure or fun? Do you see them so rarely that it’s not even worth telling your new SO, or telling them that you have a new exclusive person in your life?

Meh — at that point it’s not really ghosting as much as it is falling out of touch. Breaking up with anyone is not easy, no matter what the nature of the relationship.

Despite having seen them naked, do you find yourself perplexed as to what to call this person?

Like a store-bought potato, this person is completely unremarkable in every way -- except for his or her role as filler of that sexual void (which is hopefully where the potato similarities end).

If they want to have sex, they text you; if you want to have sex, you text them.

If either one of you ignores the text, it’s kinda just... In 21st-century dating, there is no such thing as black and white. And often within that haze, you’ll find yourself staring at the person you’ve just finished sleeping with and pondering “what the hell are we? It stands for “Without Established Labels Person” and you can now apply it to the dude or lady who’s currently blowing up your phone with the phrase “hey u up?? You don’t call each other on the phone to check in. A WELP differs from the myriad other categories for sexual partners out there by proudly declaring that a label, in fact, does not necessarily matter when it comes to somebody you’re having sex with.

A WELP is a testament to the transience of the 21st-century dating scene in the sense that neither party would really give a flying shit if the other fell off the face of the Earth.

If a dildo or a Fleshlight became sentient and gained access to an i Phone, then that would be the closest possible comparison.

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