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I am going to break with Collective tradition and not post any photos with this entry- everyone knows what the primary bowl set looks like, but I have a couple of questions - hopefully, someone out there can help me.

I have 3 bowls which I believe to be from the primary set - the 404 yellow I got from my Mother, I remember it from the late 60's, it reads 404, 4 qt, Trade Mark, 16, Pyrex, R, Made in U.

Yesterday I found the red 402 bowl at VV - perfect condition, .99, it reads 402, 1 1/2 qt, Trade Mark, 8, Pyrex, R, Made in U. The blue bowl is really where my question lies - I got it in the fall at VV - the bottom reads 401, Pyrex, R, 14 and this has a circle around it - that's it nothing more - I am wondering if this bowl could be from an older primary set?

Ovenware(this is one word, on yellow it was two words).

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With 40 million pieces sold each year, Pyrex likely was involved in the preparing, cooking or serving of the holiday meal and might just be called upon later to store leftovers.

Chances are members of every generation represented at the gathering know what Pyrex is and own at least a dish or two.

His collection began with the smallest Pyrex mixing bowls, known as 401s.

(Every style of Pyrex has an identifying number.) "I would eat cereal out of a bowl like that when I was younger, and that was the Pyrex that appealed to me most," he says.

Soon he had more than 50 pieces in his own collection, including most of the 401 colors and patterns.

In 2003 he started selling Pyrex, and at any given time he may have another 50-plus pieces in his booth.

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