Dating in tijuana Automated sexy chat bot

Well Im a single 22 year guy who wants to have a great time dating people, I am liberal, free thinker, I like to party sometimes, do a walk in the park; pretty much used to have pets, go to the movies, do a walk in the ..

As for airfare, you're probably not going to get a cheap ticket to San Diego. Also San Diego is just up I-5 and there's everything up there. ...much to spend a night or two at the hotels there? .....catch cab in the streets or do you have to go to a station/dispatch office? San Ysidro is right across the border and there are a number of good motels around there. That's what i thought.....i'm from new york so if go that far i wanted to stay more then one day, if i was in nevada or louisiana then it would be different,..the place is good for someone that's on a budget? Once you get off of Revolution'll see what I mean. They speak good English, cabs are handy and no lines to get back to the US.lolol..It's a bad idea to take a rental car into Mexico and even w/ collision insurance, you can still have headaches.2) Watch out for the cops.

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