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All she really wanted from me was confirmation that Scott was her soul mate. It's splashed across romance novels, the main story line in movies, and all the rage among celebrities—even some Christian ones. The day she walked into my counseling office she believed that little fact was her ticket out of a passionless marriage. There's a lot of discussion about soul mates these days.Since God wanted her to "be happy" in marriage, she wanted me to bless the idea that her happiness would be found when she was freed from her current spouse to find her one, true soul mate. For many, the idea of a soul mate conjures notions of God bringing together two lost hearts who experience the end to their loneliness and realize complete compatibility in all the deepest longings of their being. She just needed to redefine her understanding of what a "soul mate" is. How could I help her see that she already had a soul mate?They experience conflict-free conversations, sometimes even without talking, discover reams and reams of shared interests, hobbies, and passions, and finally (of course), spend days upon days of heart-stopping, hand-clinching romantic walks on the beach.

Here are some cute, simple, and cheap ideas to stay out of the dog house: Jazz up a store bought bag of Hershey kisses and mini chocolate bars with a felt fortune cookie– From the Grand Dame of DIY.I love the wine bottle candle holder idea from Design Sponge, but I don’t have a glass cutter, so I just stuck the candles in my cleaned-out wine bottles and it worked out lovely! From ivillage End the night sweetly-make your own candy box filled with their favorite candies. ), but if a woman isn’t that comfortable with being in the buff just yet, they like women’s sleepwear to be sexy, but without trying too hard. Why are we letting a day on the calendar tell us when and how we should express love?Dana at MADE went paper and staples to make these easy and cute hearts you can fill with more candy! From Delia Creates I did a little search on what men like to see women wear to bed and what women themselves like to wear if there’s a man in a bed. Think white tank tops and some cute cotton underwear, his t-shirt or his favorite team jersey! I do, however, want to wear something cute and comfy when heading to bed. Refashioning some t-shirts into a cute nighty is right up my ally! I actually had extra large t-shirts scraps, so I used those. And how are you gonna express ALL of your love for someone in ONE day with a measly, poor quality, store bought box of chocolates? On the other hand, I’m aware that Valentine’s Day is just the reminder that some people need to show the one they love a little more appreciation.I don’t know why the jersey surprised me, but it did! It seems that the only reason we buy fancy lingerie for a special occasion (I’m not talking about buying fancy lingerie for ourselves! But it looks like men could care less about lace, garters and underwire. I feel like the pressure is off, and I don’t need to bother with the underwear theatrics. elastic thread something to decorate-I used Simply Spray, but you can use markers, appliques, etc. You can use a blanket stitch if you want to do it by hand. Pillowcase nighty at Burda Style Pillowcase nighty at Threadbanger (video) It’s not a nighty, but everyone loves the underwear made from a men’s top that Clare Bare showed at Threadbanger (video) You’ve seen these before right? I knew an old man who hated holidays, but always celebrated Valentine’s Day because “everyone needs all the love they can get.” I totally agree with him on that!I went over one end of the raw edge with an overcast stitch on my sewing machine. They are called dirty dice or naughty dice and they tell you to do something to a certain part of the body. Sometimes though, they are limiting, since there is only six sides of the die. So if you want with all your heart to participate in the holiday for your cutie, but don’t have enough green, this week is full of low cost ideas with a whole lotta heart! I need chocolate sauce, and I’m not going to buy any.You can make your own and get really crazy with it and use whatever verbs and body parts you like! I downloaded it, and put it in my graphics program and typed in the words. You can even add a third one that has the location! I don’t eat it that much, and the stuff in squeeze bottles in too junky!

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