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How many times have you squawked “I’m done with looking! How many times have you come out of yet another break-up and questioned whether you’ll be single forever? In a world that ensnares the mind in endless conundrums and countless column inches detailing all the things you’re doing wrong in your dating life, imagine adding an HIV positive status into the mix.

It’s true: the seemingly futile search for love has populated the minds of many for generations, and it doesn’t feel any easier in the swipe-it-and-see dating culture of today. Being HIV positive continues to carry with it endless layers of societal stigma.

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Because those who are so often seen as sites of sexual danger, those who are so often reduced to being just a virus, are probably also seeking intimacy – just like you.Ilana, 34, UK" data-reactid="28"Ilana, 34, UK“We met eight years ago, we were friends at first then started dating.He disclosed his status two years after we first met, and after we had started our relationship.We had a great friendship before and an even better relationship after.I already loved and trusted him when he told me, so although it was a shock, I knew I had not been put at risk, and to be honest I was more worried about him than me."Some days I think it's affected us loads – especially in the early days.It impacted our decision to have children, it made me nag about him taking his meds (despite him having 100% adherence long before he met me), I worried about him changing cat litter because of the germs (I don't now!

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