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Forget speed dating and boring your friends rigid moaning about your romantic woes.

Giving your dating technique a good overhaul is the brand-new way to tackle relationship problems.

It's the run-up to Christmas, and seemingly everywhere you look there are couples kissing under mistletoe or strolling along hand-in-hand, bundled up in scarves and gloves like the living embodiment of a Disney happy ending. There are 13million singletons in the UK, and recent research by online dating service Parship shows that 5.6million of them haven't been on a date for the past six months or had a relationship in more than a year.

Scroll down for more For those who are dating, the prospects are not much brighter.

Apparently only one in seven dates will lead to another.

So are we a nation of love losers destined to remain single?

The treatment is a combination of cognitive behavioural therapy techniques, psychoanalysis and new dating etiquette.

Scroll down for more There's also an option of a match-making service.

Based on her work in the area of relationships, and through extensive research on more than 5,000 single people, Dr Lukats has identified the five main dating toxins as: shyness, low self-esteem, fussiness, lack of opportunity and desperation.

"Through my clinical work I could see the type of issues holding people back from having a relationship," she says. I noticed certain patterns and that's how the five main areas came about." Dr Lukats agrees that while dating toxins such as shyness and low selfesteem have always held people back, what makes The Dating Detox unique is the use of techniques such as cognitive behavioural therapy (where you learn exercises and techniques to help change negative patterns of thinking and behaviour) specifically for dating problems.

"CBT is normally used to treat classic mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder or eating disorders.

But this is for people who don't have any mental health issues.

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