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Hungarian Women Country: Hungary Population: 9,939,470 Ethnicity: Hungarian 92.3%, Roma 1.9%, other or unknown 5.8% Languages: Hungarian 93.6%, other or unspecified 6.4% Contraceptive prevalence rate: 80.6% Obesity – adult prevalence rate: 27.6% GDP – per capita (PPP): ,000 Mail Order Brides suitability rating: “Hungary is a member of the European Union and has a thriving economy. Hungary is not recommended as a top country to search for a mail order bride, although it is a country of interest for many foreign women from poor countries who wish to immigrate to a more prosperous country.We recommend that you consider countries with a 3-star rating or higher to find the international woman of your dreams, for romance, love, and marriage, as these countries will provide more of an abundance of beautiful young women that wish to meet you.” –recommendation about potential mail order brides from Hungary When your country joins the EU, you lose your value as a potential mail order bride. And when women have more options, their “traditional values” stop acting up and they no longer accept being a dependent house maid and sex toy for just any Western guy.Getting married is still a financial plan for many.Marrying well is the way to achieve a middle class life. Getting married across borders can be done by the privileged way – moving there just because you can, and finding a mate the old-fashioned way – or the poor way. Being owned by a politically disadvantageous country renders a person worthless and undesirable in economically habitable countries.

Now we turn our attention to the beneficiaries of borders: the rent-seeking men who seek to exchange their birth status for mates who would be out of their league in a dating scene of legal equals.First world citizens seeking mail order brides (or spouses from a disadvantaged countries in general) is a textbook example of rent-seeking behavior.They hope to exchange their own higher citizenship value for higher mate value in brides. Does higher citizenship value really make you a worthy partner?Does lower citizenship value cause natural-born obedience in women?Men who buy mail order brides pay in the tens of thousands – yet the bride sees nothing out of that money.She is just the commodity in a thriving industry – and being a sought-after commodity rarely benefits the commodity itself, only its owners – or those who have access to it.

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