Dating an aloof guy


Getting a guy to notice you can be easy if you understand the way a guy’s mind works. They’re visual and a good sight will definitely get them infatuated in no time.But it doesn’t really matter whether you know the guy already or you don’t.All you need to do is play to his senses and you’ll have him craving for your attention in no time.[Read: How to get a guy’s attention in any circumstance] How to get a guy to notice you The next time you see a guy whose attention you want, you need to play it safe and be discreet about your intentions.Don’t make it too obvious that you like him, or he’ll just end up treating you like a teen girl with a big crush.

Look at him once and lock eyes for a second, and avoid looking towards him for a while.He’ll try to look at you often and see if you’re looking at him now and then.But as irresistible as it may be, avoid looking at him too often because he’ll realize you like him.And once he knows he doesn’t have to win you over because you’re already smitten by him, he’ll lose his interest in impressing you or approaching you.Instead, look once at him and make him look at you often and fall for you.[Read: 10 subtle eye contact flirting tips] #3 Appear occupied. It’s actually the only time a guy can get an eyeful and appreciate a girl.

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