Computer must be restored before updating


: Keep the workstations closed until the admin computer work has been completed restoring all clients.

If a significant number of returns must be restored, it may be best to perform the restore steps after hours as this process can take a significant amount of time.

Note: If the tool runs and does not find any problems the message "The tool did not find any problems with your Pro Series database" will be displayed.

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Windows update broke my computer, and I really need some help to fix it.This is what happened: OS: Windows 7 64-bit Windows Update: Set to automatically download but prompt before updating.A couple hours ago I noticed an icon in my tray saying that Windows had downloaded 16 new updated and needed to install them. It installed, then said the computer needed to be restarted in order to finish updating. During restart, the computer said "updating" but only reached 15% before it said "Failed to apply updates - reverting", and then rebooted again.When I was back in Windows, I clicked Windows Update and saw that out of 16 updates, half were successful (the ones applied to MS Office), but the other half were failed (the Windows and IE security updates).I clicked on the FAILED updates, and they all contained the same error code number 80071A90.I searched for that error on the web and found a Microsoft page here: which says that the error happens when files that need to be updated are locked by other programs.

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