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The pair met on the set of their CW drama "One Tree Hill." Their characters became love interests. He was rumored to have had an affair with Paris Hilton while costarring with her in 2005's "House Of Wax."Chad proposed to Sophia in Australia at a tennis court that he adorned with 20 bouquets of roses and 500 lit candles spelling out a special message for her. It's what I love and take pride in, and I won't let that slack because of personal circumstances.

Add other Relationship Information"People say ' Oh, it must be so nice being able to kiss your own husband on the show,' but really, it's not. The food was incredible." "My job is my job, and my personal life is my personal life, and I keep them separate.

It's so awkward being intimate with your husband with hundreds of people watching and a camera present." "We were fast friends. We're very similar people and we have like-minded qualities. We watch football on the weekends and keep our life to ourselves." "We just did a cake tasting...

There was a desire not to take it to a dating level between the both of us because we wanted to be professionals, but eventually professionalism went out the window." "I couldn't bring her home until the sun went down because I had 500 candles and 20 bouquets of roses set up. I'm the kind of man who just wants to say, ' Baby, whatever you want, you can have.' But she wants me to be involved, and luckily she involved me at the right moment.

Then I had this big light strand on a tennis court with a message [spelled out] to her that you could see looking down from the balcony of our 18th-floor penthouse. She keeps me inspired, and she complements me very well.

It's not that I don't respect other women in my position, but there are things I won't forgive.

“It just did not work into what we were doing at that moment, so I know that somebody went out and was Tristan, but it wasn’t me.” “But I hear strong work, good job, man!

alum and his wife Sarah Roemer have welcomed a baby girl, the 35-year-old announced on Monday, March 13. It ain't Valentines but who needs an excuse to proclaim their love." After welcoming his first child in 2015, the former teen heartthrob called fatherhood, "the greatest thing that's ever happened to me.

MORE: Did Beyoncé Just Hint at the Sex of Her Twins? "Don't worry little girl you can hold on as tight as you want for as long as you want, I'm already yours & I'll never let go," Chad wrote next to a photo of his daughter grabbing his finger. My son & I are two lucky guys." "She Always Glows... Pardon me, for I have to say, I think you're quite pretty and I like you in that special way," he wrote. Chad Michael Murray just welcomed another adorable addition into his family.The former "One Tree Hill" heartthrob took to Instagram late Monday evening to share the sweet news on his second child with wife Sarah Roemer, this time to a baby girl."Don't worry little girl you can hold on as tight as you want for as long as you want, I'm already yours & I'll never let go," Murray wrote in the picture post, showing a snap of his daughter gripping onto his finger. My son & I are two lucky guys." The parents welcomed their first son in May 2015, while they have yet to reveal details on either names to the public.Chad Michael Murray talks ‘One Tree Hill,' becoming a dad Murray became a new father just one year after he began dating the "Chosen" star and six months after the pair tied the knot in a secret ceremony.

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