Carrie keagan dating

You'd hope that your first orgasm would be the best experience of your life, but for TV personality Carrie Keagan, it was one of the most embarrassing.

Suffer through the moment with her and our crack team of animators.

This coming Monday at 10AM, one of the coolest shows on daytime television is returning. It’s the best counter-programming to everything else at that time and the results are some of the more captivating TV you’ll see in daytime.

The show is called Big Morning Buzz Live with Carrie Keagan. I have been on the show since its inception back in 2010 when it used to be a one week show promoting the Critics Choice Movie Awards, and its very creative producers, as well as its beautiful lead host, have infused daytime TV with the type of programming one usually watches late at night.

I mean, even my mom who is 66, can’t stop watching it. I caught up this week with the show’s host Carrie Keagan to get a sense for what makes #VH1Buzz special, her “elevator ride” with Aerosmith, and the new addition that has everyone in the media industry , working on new algorithms and vectors to improve the show, and chasing chickens to sharpen my agility and reflexes as a host.

I also took some time to learn how to speak dolphin and catch up on new music.

Good fun, great talk, delicious food, amazing music and a tasty adult beverage or two…all shared with great friends: our audience. We’ve made the move into the beautiful Times Square Studios made famous by TRL.

I like to call it the “late late morning show” for the viagra-ecstasy generation. We have a new, very sexy, set overlooking Times Square.

JR: Usually when a show comes back, there are some new elements to boast about. The setting is gonna look much, much bigger but, in many ways, the show itself will be more intimate. We’ve always prided ourselves on showcasing some of the best music talent and now, we’re gonna blow the roof of the joint with huge artists and groundbreaking new artists.

VH1 is a house that music built and all the kids are coming home!! To quote Michael Douglas, think of it as a two hander in the morning.

If you could bottle all the magic coming up this season and sell it, everyone would be drunk and happy with unicorns and butterflies following them everywhere. Shane Farley, the amazing showrunner on Buzz, came up with a killer idea to take some of our friends who’ve appeared on Buzz and spinoff a show called “The Gossip Table.” They are some of the best gossip mavens in the biz and will be breaking news daily.

JR: This time around, there is a new program that will precede you called “The Gossip Table”. Then we come on and tear it up and get your buzz really going.

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