Best adult chatrooms for role play

At Mischief Managed, we are open to all styles of roleplay, as well as all experience levels.

Whether we’re your first roleplay experience or you para-RP, your style and contribution are welcome here.

That being said, there are a few basic courtesies that we do ask you to observe. ” Brenna Morrigan rubs her tummy as she hears the dinner bell chime in the Great Hall.

There are also some terms thrown around that, to a new roleplayer, might be unfamiliar. Brenna Morrigan looks around as she walks up to the Hogwarts Express and spots her friend. Once arriving, she walks to her house table and sits down, leaning forward to grab a roll off the table.

You do NOT need to roleplay after every professor post. It’s also courteous to post no larger than a solid paragraph when roleplaying in class. This is when you are talking over and over again before giving anyone a chance to respond.

Since there may be 10 people all trying to get the most out of the class, shortening your standard 3-paragraph RPs to just 1 is a nice thing to do. You should post one, and only one, post before waiting for your next turn. A courtesy to RPers around you is to follow a simple order.

It’s easier for the professor and your classmates to engage with and ensures you get your post out in time to be relevant. There should always be a short action in your roleplay when one-line roleplaying. [] Brenna Morrigan waves as she sees her group of friends. Of course this usually does not apply in classes, for example.

You do not have to shorten your posts; but, do not expect others to wait for you or the professor to acknowledge you if your posts are consistently behind those of everyone else. If wishing to join a group of RPers that are already immersed, it never hurts to IM them and politely ask the order of the RP and where you can come in.

Chat boxing is when you just talk in local without using any sort of emotion. If someone RPs in a style that you do not like, you can simply walk away and not chose to RP with them, or you can adjust your style however you feel fit to meet theirs.

This is entirely up to the player — no one is forced to Roleplay a certain style, and anyone found attempting to change the way someone roleplays will face OOC consequences.

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