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Top Chef: New York is the fifth season of the American reality television series Top Chef.

The challenge was a skills tournament consisting of three rounds.

The chef who finished first in the Quickfire Challenge would win immunity in the next challenge, while the chef who finished last would leave the show immediately.

Elimination Challenge: Each of the chefs drew a knife from the knife block marked with one of eight New York City neighborhoods.

The chefs, in pairs, cooked dishes which represented the ethnic cuisines of those neighborhoods: Astoria (Greek), Brighton Beach (Russian), Long Island City (Middle Eastern), Ozone Park (Latin), Jamaica (Jamaican), Little Italy (Italian), Chinatown (Chinese), Little India/Curry Hill (Indian).

The two dishes from each neighborhood were judged head-to-head.

The chefs with the winning dishes were safe, while the chefs with the losing dishes were eligible for elimination.

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