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We are the nation’s leading civil liberties advocate in the Supreme Court.

With over 200 staff attorneys and an extensive network of cooperating attorneys, we handle thousands of cases each year on behalf of clients whose rights have been violated.

Current Court Battles Our legislative advocates are a constant presence in federal and state governments, working with policy makers to ensure the necessary laws exist to protect our civil rights.

(collectively referred to as "Greek life") are social organizations at colleges and universities.

A form of the social fraternity, they are prominent in the United States and the Philippines, with much smaller numbers existing in France, Canada, and elsewhere.

Similar organizations exist in other countries as well, including the Studentenverbindungen of German-speaking countries.

Similar, but much less common, organizations also exist for secondary school students.

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Traditional fraternities of the type described in this article are often called "social fraternities".

Generally, membership in a fraternity or sorority is obtained as an undergraduate student but continues, thereafter, for life.

Some of these organizations can accept graduate students as well as undergraduates, per constitutional provisions.

Fraternities and sororities engage in philanthropic activities; host parties; provide "finishing" training for new members, such as instruction on etiquette, dress, and manners; and create networking opportunities for their newly graduated members.

is an active subordinate unified command of the United States Pacific Command (USPACOM). These include matters affecting US-Japan relationships among and between Department of Defense (DOD) agencies; DOD agencies and the U. Ambassador to Japan; and DOD agencies and the Government of Japan (GOJ).

It was activated at Fuchū Air Station, Tokyo, Japan on 1 July 1957 to replace the Far East Command (FEC). Under the Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and Security between the United States and Japan, the United States is obliged to protect Japan in close cooperation with the Japan Self-Defense Forces for maritime defense, ballistic missile defense, domestic air control, communications security (COMSEC) and disaster response operations.

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