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Yet Ian, sensing the group of Britney, Shane, Dan and Danielle would ultimately triumph over the smaller group led by Boogie, decided to sell-out and told his new "Quack Pack" alliance secrets and fed false strategy to Boogie and Frank.

Plus, later on, when Boogie was on the chopping block with Frank, having been betrayed by Shane, late of the now-clearly defunct Silent Six, he thought Ian might be in danger and he implored Dan to leave Ian alone, not knowing Ian was prepared to vote to get rid of him.

At this point, it wasn't clear Ian was in any danger and to have suddenly jumped ship in spite of Frank and Boogie's kindness showed us this had nothing to do with strategy and that Ian is just a little creep.

But like many such situations, nominating Frank became the thing to do, even after he made deals with oodles of fellow house guests to keep each other "safe" in the coming weeks.

First, he had a deal with Willie Hantz, brother of notorious season.

Shane stuck to it and didn't nominate him when he won HOH the following week, but when he won Power of Veto he removed Ashley Iocco, whom he had nominated along with Joe, and sneakily back-doored Frank into nomination with a sure bet he'd be gone.

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Okay, it's a dirty contest and sometimes fun to watch.Not to mention the fact Britney, Shane, Dan and Danielle conspired with Frank and Mike's teammate sweet innocent little Ian to form the "Quack Pack." What made this particularly venal is that Boogie and Frank had taken Ian under their wing, and in addition Boogie had won a contest, and with the suggestion of Frank he shared ,000 of his winnings with Ian.Expecting to be nominated, Willie went on a rampage, physically attacking Joe Arvin and was removed from the game.Because Shane Meaney had voted to evict Frank, after Frank earlier had a talk with the guy and felt he could trust him, Frank nominated Shane.In the early 20th century, there was a decline of evangelical influence within mainline Protestantism and the development of Christian fundamentalism as a distinct religious movement.During the second half of the century, a mainstream evangelical consensus developed that sought to be more inclusive and more culturally relevant than fundamentalism, while maintaining conservative Protestant teaching.

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