Age of mythology third party updating


Age of Middle Earth is a scale reconstruction of Tolkien's mythical land based closely on his writings and sketches.Explore and conquer the most canonically and geographically accurate map of Middle Earth ever made for Age of Mythology!Players start on the doomed island of Numenor which is suffering a cataclysmic volcanic eruption as it sinks into the sea.Each player has a single transport (Great Eagle), two Atlantean villagers, two human heroes, an elf, and a dwarf to fight off any creatures encountered in Middle Earth. However, some parts of the map, of either strategic importance or resource abundance, are populated by hostile units for the purpose of balance.They must make their way to the safety of the mainland. For example, Dwarf mines that contain abundances of gold are guarded by various Gaia units in order to prevent players from rushing these locations.Knowledge of the geography and populations of Tolkien's Middle Earth will greatly benefit players.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Unprecedented geographical accuracy- Settlement locations & names corresponding to actual cities and towns from Lot R- All unit names correspond to their Lot R counterparts- Face off against the most feared creatures of Middle Earth including: Smaug the Dragon, the Balrog of Moria, Mumakil of Harad, and the legions of Durin's Folk- Use the Palantirs (Seeing Stones) of Anor at the Tower of Ecthelion, Orthanc at Isengard, and Elostirion in the Tower Hills to watch over your enemies- Explore locations including:- The Lonely Mountain- The Mines of Moria- Minas Tirith- Mount Doom- The Argonath and Falls of Rauros- The Forest of Mirkwood- Lothlorien- Rivendell (Imladris)- The Grey Havens- The Shire- Weathertop (Amon Sul)- Dagorlad (Dead Marshes)------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Dimensions: 1300X1300Players: 2-8 (recommended 4 minimum)Food: 185,650Wood: 2,653,001Gold: 810,500Settlements: 61------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1) hit the Subscribe button above2) the Age of Middle Earth files will be downloaded to your mods folder which can be found in Steamscenario That's it!

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fileid=10996By remaining subscribed, you will automatically receive the most recent updates of Age of Middle Earth.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Third Age: Middle Earth has been released!

If you would like to play this map in single player mode against AI opponents or play multiplayer with 12 canonical factions from Lord of the Rings, look no further than Third Age: Middle Earth! I welcome all comments and suggestions of any nature.

Already did :) check out my Third Age Middle Earth scenarios.

New models and textures from the Legends of Middle Earth total conversion mod are still in the works.

There is an update for that mod for TT and as soon as that's out we're going to start work on the port to EE.

I have released a massive update for the Third Age Middle Earth scenario pack which includes a much improved Settlers map. I will leave Age of Middle Earth untouched as it was made before the Tot D release. I'm in the very slow process of updating this scenario so there will be a fix eventually.

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