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As well as inviting the students to her home for sex, she also engaged in 'drinking parties' with the underage boys and sent them explicit photographs of herself - including one in which she posed in a school t-shirt.

Prosecutors wrote: 'The acts included her sending pornographic photos of herself in a Frankston ISD t-shirt, fully naked photos of herself, sexting with the male students, having drinking parties with the male students and engaging in sexual intercourse and oral intercourse with all three students at her home.

Here’s one definition, from an Israeli software executive: “It’s when an item that used to cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars to manufacture can be made at home with ten dollars’ worth of materials, using new technology.” Eitan Tsarfati, a top executive at the Israel offices of software design company Autodesk, further said: “The idea of using new tech, like 3D printers, to create custom devices to those in need of medical or other assistance is going to revolutionize the market, just like manufacturing machines or cars did.” That revolution was on full display last week during the first-ever TOM: TLV Hackathon For Good, in which entrepreneurs, high school kids, and creative types got together to build a better device to give the disabled or those in need of medical help a boost.

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That possibility will bring about a sea change in the way people buy and use products of all kinds, especially medical ones, that have to be custom-made for users, usually at a very high cost.The 3D revolution, said Tsarfati, will turn every product into a “custom-made” one for each user, without the need for expensive adjustments and changes.Sixteen projects were on display at the finals of TOM: TLV last Thursday, the culmination of a three-day technology marathon where participants built models and prototypes of aids for people with disabilities.Participants included technologists, designers, therapists, and people with disabilities who developed ideas and products that address the challenges of people living with disabilities, their family members, and health-care professionals.While many of the materials used to create the devices built by the Makers were readily available – plastic, wood, off-the-shelf sensor devices, even Lego – cutting-edge equipment, including 3D printers, laser-cutting machines, and CNC machines (computer-operated milling devices) were used to mold the materials into something useful.One of the projects created at the event, the mechanical “raptor hand,” has already helped thousands of people around the world, said Yoav Medan, an Israeli who is working on a project to produce artificial limbs for the approximately one in 1,200 kids in Israel born with a badly damaged hand.

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